Wayne Brezz brings that classic sound that’s missing in today’s music and adds a fresh twist that will definitely win him many fans, especially the ladies...”

A Rain of Thought

"I Am Wayne Brezz"

Hailing from Houston Texas, Wayne Brezz is a singer/songwriter with a unique sound, combining old-school R&B with a contemporary pop sound. As long as he can remember, music has been Wayne’s true passion and driving force. From as little as five years old, Wayne was in his parents’ living room, singing and dancing in front of the TV to the musical styling of legends, like the Temptations and Michael Jackson. As a solo artist, Wayne has developed a sound that works for both his dance pop and smooth R&B records. He takes the pop sound of today that’s all over billboard charts and ties it into 90’s era R&B flair. From performance on the main stage, to vocals in the studio booth, Wayne’s musical expertise and entertainment charm enables him to reach fans in any arena and any stage.


Press links

A Rain of Thought-Who is Wayne Brezz?
"Counting Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross as favorites and even Ne-Yo (who we all know is a personal favorite of mine) it’s no surprise, when you listen to his songs that you can hear their soulful influence so very well." 

Friday Night at Springboard South: A Beat-Down of Its Own "Wayne Brezz wins Idol"
"I'm happy to hear any talent coming from South Post Oak area, so my ears perked up when Wayne Brezz, a Willowridge grad, was introduced. He did the rest with like-butter vocals."

PWR Moves Artist Spotlight- Wayne Brezz
"Unlike other artists.. Wayne isn’t just standing on stage doing his thing, he commands the stage from left to right." 

Neff Working "Wayne Brezz is a must have"
"Wayne's music is so multi-functional.."

Artist Trove- "Brezz will be on the Billboards"
"Wayne has a new sound that he incorporates into his uptempo pop songs as well as his original genre of R&B. His style brings old school R&B and blends it with a new modern sound that is all over the billboard charts."

The Scene Magazine - Featured Artist - Wayne Brezz
"Wayne has had the honor of working with pop sensations such as Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Missy Elliot and Ciara...and we can tell!"

Notable Achievements

  • Wayne's EP titled "I Am" debuted at #98 on iTunes National Pop Charts
  • Wayne's single "Weekend" debuted at #17 on Virgo Cuties Top 20 Countdown on SlaughtaHouse Radio 95.3 Jamz