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Hailing from Houston Texas, Wayne Brezz is a singer/songwriter with a unique sound, combining old-school R&B with a contemporary pop sound. As long as he can remember, music has been Wayne’s true passion and driving force. From as little as five years old, Wayne was in his parents’ living room, singing and dancing in front of the TV to the musical styling of legends, like the Temptations and Michael Jackson. Wayne reflects, “I don’t think then I knew music would be such a huge impact on my life now, but it’s like a vine that hasn’t stopped growing”. His passion for music continued through his childhood.

In middle school, Wayne started writing poetry and with the encouragement of family and friends, Wayne began to turn those poems into song lyrics. Realizing no one could sing his original songs better than he could, Wayne began to take singing more seriously. As the years passed, and he went from boy to man, Wayne continued to learn and be inspired by musical greats such as Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5, Luther Vandross, Donny Hathaway, and Mint Condition.  Current artist influences such as Ne-Yo, Mario, Usher, and Lloyd keep Wayne’s musical mindset fresh, but still with hints of classic old-school R&B.

In 2005, Wayne was signed by the Cartel Music Group and The Underdog Entertainment Group as a member of a Houston R&B/Pop group. Eventually, the group went their separate ways, opening the door for Wayne to move back to Houston and pursue his solo music career. Wayne notes, “I decided to become a solo artist for several reasons. One, creative control. I think nothing is more satisfying than being able to connect with your fans on a personal level through different experiences I encounter. My experiences birth my creativity. I don’t get that same satisfaction from being in a boy band. “

As a solo artist, Wayne has developed a sound that works for both his dance pop and smooth R&B records. He takes the pop sound of today that’s all over billboard charts and ties it into 90’s era R&B flair. From performance on the main stage, to vocals in the studio booth, Wayne’s musical expertise and entertainment charm enables him to reach fans in any arena and any stage.




Meet The Band

Vinnie Territo- Guitar

Will LeRoy - Drummer

Bobby Territo- Bass